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by Ari Mason

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KoH I am usually not into electronic music, but here is an exception. Most of the tracks are great songs and thankfully not made for the dancefloor. 'Brother' sounds too much like 'sweet dreams', and 'Empires' has too much of the thud-thud-thud you expect from stereotypical electronic musing.
but most of the other ones are very original and awesome. 'Dim the Lights' is an absolute masterpiece. Favorite track: Dim the Lights.
analogworm thumbnail
analogworm Such a crisp voice floating above a dark aestethic. Smooth, dark, and beautiful. So well done! Favorite track: Beasts Tonight.
marlon bonnici
marlon bonnici thumbnail
marlon bonnici Discovered this album by recommendation from a loved one and I'm so glad I did! beautiful vocals over hypnotic music that needs to be listened to over and over again. Really looking forwards to what she does next now! 10/10 Favorite track: Ritual.
Christopher MacKinnon
Christopher MacKinnon thumbnail
Christopher MacKinnon Been waiting to pre-order this since I heard 'Brother.'

Love gloomy stuff like this. Favorite track: Brother.
Perrin Schuster
Perrin Schuster thumbnail
Perrin Schuster reminds me of a dude I know. Favorite track: Sleep Still.
I. Homun
I. Homun thumbnail
I. Homun I wouldn't have liked this track when I was 19, but I sure could have used it. Favorite track: Sleep Still.
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released March 25, 2016

Ari Mason: Producer, Vocals, Mixing
Roger Jarvis: Co-Producer, Co-Mixing
Sevenhouse Productions: Mastering



all rights reserved


Ari Mason Los Angeles, California

Ari Mason is an electronic artist based in Los Angeles.

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Track Name: Dim the Lights
I’m old enough to know all the ways to make you shake
here and now I’ll kiss you if you’re sweet to me, you say

we do not need forever, honey we’ve got now
tell me God is dead, I say let’s go to bed and feel something somehow

wake me when you’re warm from sunlight
wake me when you’re cold and blue
I’m done with all the days we have spent saying that we’re through

make me shiver, make me weak
I want you kneeling at my feet
dim the lights and we’ll feel everything
deep within the cloisters of the void
and I will make you beg
you will scream and shout
I will whisper in your ear
you make me cry out

I’m all out of muses, all the wrong men fall in love with me
the momentary bliss they feel will fade and I am free again
to feel the warmth from your skin when all the day is through
I can’t help but run into your arms and say I have returned to you
Track Name: Beasts Tonight
I’m up tonight
can’t feel the wind
the alarm sounds
I’ll eat when I’m dead
we’re going rogue
no need to cry
I’m already here
we’re rolling high

it’s all spinning
white like snow
the girls all dance
my night star show
diamond fortress
I’m here again
can’t find the door
invite me in
take it off
it won’t last long
let’s say it now
before the sun
no will of god
no moral code
no men alive
we’re beasts tonight

I’m floating ‘round
can’t see my hands
we’re laughing wild
I’m numb to him
my nails are gone
where are my shoes
it’s time to roll
I’m crawling home
Track Name: Heaven's Gate
are you ready to play dead?
the toxin has gone to my head
we bled our hands on pointless shrines
strap me in my bed tonight
look upon his depth
glorify his humbleness
you will love him, say it loud
or he will cut you, beat you proud

abduction, you’re in danger
hear my conspiracy
sedate the masses, we all collapse
in time we’ll eat our enemies
heaven’s door, heaven’s gate
piety has sealed my fate
baptized with fire from his hands
chugging poison in the promised land

suicide cult is what they’ll say
drunk at night and dead by day
they don’t know and we don’t care
martyring is a fine affair
catch the comet on your way
vehicles, don’t swerve astray
I believe that we’ll be free
soon they’ll all be dead to me
Track Name: Empires
inches from hours
your skin heated my perfume
we’re drunk, I’m angry, you don’t know
I want to shatter you
you’re breathing in my scent
I dare to touch your hips
your beauty causes pain
staring into your scarred face

they’d kill to have me, why won’t you?
it makes me scream, the way I want you
you won’t speak, I’ll never know
you are above, so I’m below
I’ll return to empty space
to some other man’s embrace
empires away again
and my dress is wearing thin

I got warm and killed the bottle
I provoke your eyes to stare
why does no one seem to like you?
you say it’s ‘cause you don’t care
I trembled as you kissed my lips
too wasted to be true
whisper while your bites leave marks
I’d do such dirty things to you

they’d kill to have me, why won’t you?
it makes me scream, the way I want you
you won’t speak, I’ll never know
you are above, so I’m below
every night I think of you
while I’m with some other man
empires away again
and my dress is wearing thin
Track Name: Towers
sheltered in your quiet youth
how much could you know?
I will tell you what to say
you’ll listen now and you’ll obey

wide awake at precocious hours
topple from atop your towers
are you feeling weak?
I’ve given you no chance to speak

I cannot touch you, it’s not time
to bask in your illusions
my foundation is too weak
for you to build your towers on me
breathe in deep, give me desire
loving is not in my nature
give me all your youth
no fighting over what is true

calloused skin, hard as diamonds
how much do you feel?
ivory fangs locked away
lock your heart to use one day

all that we know is our skin
we’ve not accomplished more
we’re all alone in the abyss
get on your knees and off the floor
Track Name: Lullabies
just lie there, you’re on display
pretty shame, my pretty thing
while you pretend to close your eyes
I’ll sing you dirty lullabies

sleeping deep in crimson sheets
tired from the stifling heat
I’m breathing in your taste
circled safe within your embrace

I can’t feel a thing
except our skin and in between
you’re inside and I am breathing in
this suffocating heat
drunken summers still among us
we will sever all our worldly ties
I’ll sing all of our days to sleep
with my dirty lullabies

in the rain the willows weep
clinging to the skin
your fingers soothe the summer burns
delicately trace them in

men around me come and go
and I am known for wandering
but if you keep me, I will hold your hands
and I will bless you always
Track Name: Ruin You
black paint on your nails I traced
I repent for all the times that you caressed my face
I dared you to
I won’t do what you’ve done to me
I will not ruin you

I was your glove under the place that sheltered us
then I swore your eyes were true
and I can't do what you’ve done to me
I will not ruin you

you deceiver, you can't feel
now I'm so shattered I won't heal
you left me quiet, left me cold
now I don't know how to be alone
black and blue from the stones you threw
how dare you hate me, how could you?
you took the life right from my hands
dehumanized me once again

no mourning you, it will keep me weak
my tearful days are through
now I am haunted by a silhouette
the hollow breath you drew
I’ve got a jar full of the sun
I’ve got the currents from my feet
that pressed against the concrete
the warmth when you pressed into me
Track Name: Brother
buried her in cold cement
cold comfort for the children
crying out to dear mother
he says he is my lover

since she’s gone all he can do
is stare at her reflection
there’s nothing left to lose
seventeen and on the loose

he sleeps soundly in the garden
dreaming happy things
wrap him up in satin ribbon
only skin underneath

time is stretching out forever
in crystalline dreams
secrets whispered in the sheets
lips and bodies lie beneath

beloved, hold me close
we don’t have much time
my love, before you go
say you’ll still be mine
Track Name: Sleep Still
we're not self-indulgent, we're not weak
we're just playing tricks on time in the long summer heat
you are my flower drenched in the rain
guardian angel, you ease my pain
in my safety you mumble your thoughts
through the dark blue we feel the pull of the stars
no filters allowed, say what you want and more
you draw on the page, I write on the floor

stay, please don't go
I never say it but you know
it feels too soon for us to depart
sleep still, my dear
we will walk again tomorrow
sleep still, love
we will be dancing soon
searching for my catharsis with you
you intersected my lines with the narrative you drew
I'd spend forever looking at your grayish-blue

practicing the eyes we make at each other
nostalgia sinks in, I am lost in you
the sun plays a halo on your golden curls
for a moment, our secret world is still
wildflowers on our path
flying cotton in the air
my fingers tangle in your hair
your laugh is electric, dark and blue
more than anything I want to be close to you
Track Name: Ritual
speak in tongues to me
in sanctified vulgarity
razor sharp, razor thin
claw into my flesh again
which magic, black or white?
weave your spell into the night
swallow hard and I'll be still
do with me what you will

we are the spectral gods
reign supreme o'er land and sea
written in the constellations
sacrifice will set you free
we dance naked in the rain
we dance naked, kill the pain
no mercy on any man
I will smite you if I can

rex regum, sanctum sanctorum
be clean unholy hands
wash your bodies in the sand
salt will make you clean again